WTF Did I Get Myself Into

Let me start off by saying this site is not a “this is the right path” site. I am a mother who has 5 wonderful little mini version of ME’s and as much as I love and adore them I must think sometimes, “WTF did I get myself into?!” When I had my son, I thought I knew everything about being a parent. Once I had my girls they opened a whole new world. They opened hundreds of new worlds. I realized then I had to take one step at a time. To be fair I stumbled on a few steps, but I always made sure I got up and kept going because at the end of the day my life was no longer my life, it was there’s. Yes, there will be dirty diapers, poop on floors and sometimes maybe even walls and tears, but it is also full of laughs and memories.

There are so many parents that go through situations with their children and feel like they are alone.  So many situations out in the world up for debate. Can I allow my children to use electronics? Breastfeed no breastfeeding? Should I spank little Johnny or put him in timeout? I am here to tell you that you and many of us are here together and experience many of the same things. I hope this site helps give you lots of laugh, tears…from laughter and tips to help your day to day get a little better while you create many memories with your mini you’s.