A little about me: 

I’m not the ordinary person. You’ve heard that before right?! Relationship, 5 children, school, work and attempt…..attempt to keep a sound mind.  But let’s face it I am not perfect no one is. Sometimes I wonder am I a good girlfriend, mother, am I making sure I do everything I can to make myself and everything around me a positive setting? Sometimes I can’t just say out loud how I feel or how I got through certain scenarios. I do that by writing. I love writing whether it is a short story, a blog post or if you ignore me in a text you will get a long story about a purple and pink striped hippo dating the one three legged white and glitter gold giraffe. My point is writing is fun for me and it allows me to get everything off my chest that sometimes I can’t seem to say out loud. This site is to allow people to come and connect and relate with the same things that they may be experiencing. No I do not have a CDA license of therapy license but I do believe I am a great mother and some might say I have a little experience with you know…having a few minions myself. As a person I embrace who I am.

On my free time I look up articles and like to research what is going on in the world. I love to talk about what could happen in five years if we take this route. I also do online schooling and work from home because lets face it, trying to drive back and forth to school and work and take care of homes is not going to make it in my schedule. It is not bad at all. I like it better. I get to work from my computer while doing my school work and usually making sure my crock pot is making the house smell great.

I am a not only a human being but I am a Mother, a Significant other, a Student, and Employee and last but not least a writer.