Is Elmo Going to Slap A B@!&%!!!


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Technology these days are so useful especially when your 2-year-old can go on sites and watch all sorts of kid friendly videos. It is all fun and games until you walk in on your son watching Elmo say, “Is Elmo going to have to slap a b$%^@.” I literally ran over and snatched my tablet from my son. That day was when I realized that I had to watch what my children watched on video streaming apps because there are people who will reference small children characters and do no so kid friendly videos. At one point I had to ban my children from even streaming videos on their free time because there were so many adult-like videos embedded on kids channel it was ridiculous. They would go from watching short clips of princesses to adult princesses having rap battles and twerking. Literally there was an adult wearing an Elsa costume twerking on Spiderman. I mean some people really needed to find another way of entertainment.

It was not all adult based videos that I stopped them from watching. When I had my son I was pretty young and still watched the sitcom, “Family Guy.” To this day I think the show is funny just not for my child. Granted, I didn’t have him sit and watch it with me but I figured “He don’t know what is going on now.” Boy was I wrong. One day while walking into the kitchen my son had the newspaper and hitting our pour little pet Niko. He was imitating stewie from family guy and saying, “Where is my money man!” I had to snatch the newspaper and let him know that was a big no no. After knowing my cute little Niko was okay I did have to admit to myself that was pretty funny but I had to take measure because I realized children do understand everything going on around them.

There was also a cute cartoon I use to watch with my son when he was younger. It was the cutest thing. They had the animals singing and dancing and letting children know how to handle certain situations when they arise. Well one episode was one of the animals being “so mad.” The only problem I had was I felt they were singing and dancing too mush and emphasizing the “I’m mad” part instead of diffusing the situation. I didn’t know how big of a problem it was until after I got a call from the school and the teacher let me know that he was doing the scene in the cartoon we had watched where the little tiger was kicking down blocks singing, “I’m so mad.” That is when I had to make sure he understood what the cartoon really meant.

I don’t ban everything from my children, but I do believe that there is a limit to what they should intake at certain ages.

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