Babies and Colic Just Don’t Mix

27912568_10215740176967431_5913729813408528080_oFor those of you blessed parents who does not know what Colic is, it is where your little one is in severe pain in the abdomen which is usually caused by gas or something blocking their intestines.          This causes your newborn baby to go from the quite little cutie to the roaring T-Rex. My youngest daughter had Colic and me and her dad went through it. It was not the fact that we did not know what to do because we had experience with colic before but it was the fact that our little one was in pain and the colic was not going away easy for her. We tried everything from holding and trying to soothe her, changing her bottles so she would suck less air and we even took her to her pediatrician to change her formula a few times. It seemed like everything we used was a temporary fix. It would work for maybe three days then BOOM back to the roaring T-Rex.

Soon my body started to get fatigued from getting no rest. I found myself crying at night because I did not know what else to do to help our little one. Finally one day while going in to the local convenient store. I felt like a zombie who had just woken up from a hundred years of ungraceful sleep. I had on grey college sweatpants with an over-sized t-shirt broadcasting the minions. My hair was a mess and I am pretty sure I had black bags under my eyes. I finally get to the cash register after slowly dragging myself around the store. The young woman that worked there had her baby two weeks before me and she had asked how was our little one doing. I looked up at her and decided to let her know exactly what was going on. I don’t know why I felt that it was okay to let this stranger know my business but at that point I felt like I needed to vent and get it all out. She looked at me and smiled, then pulled her phone out from her pocket. She took a few seconds scrolling through it and turned her phone towards me. She has opened YouTube and showed me a video of white noise. It was literally nothing but a baby sitting on a moon and white noise static playing. She said she is going through the same thing with her daughter and someone told her about that video. The young lady said every time she hears her baby being fussy, she turns on the video and she immediately gets quiet and eventually goes to sleep. She sent me the link and I left the store and carried on about my day as usual.

Later on that night after finishing our nightly bed time routine with the kids, it was time to relax. Relax as much as we could as parents at least. Our youngest daughter started crying really loud and this time instead of crying I remembered the video and opened the link that was sent to me earlier that day while inside the convenient store. I walked over to my little one’s bassinet and laid the phone next to her. And I would be lying if I said that she didn’t instantly stop crying. At first she wanted to see where the noise was coming from, then eventually she was off to dreamland. That linked saved us from many nights of staying up late trying to soothe her. To deal with the Colic we eventually found a formula and bottles that worked for her. She is now one year old. She is still our little T-Rex just this time instead of crying throughout the night she is getting into ever cabinet we have and pulling out everything. But I will take that over the latter anytime.

If you would like more information on Colic please click link below:

What is Colic?

White Noise video that worked for our daughter: 10 hrs!

White Noise Video

3 thoughts on “Babies and Colic Just Don’t Mix

  1. allyaldridge says:

    My baby started suffering with colic at 5w. She’s now 8w and this week has been better. The weeks she cries and nothing soothed her of an evening were torture. I plan to write a post on what we tried but giving it a few days to be sure it’s passed. X

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