Dream Meanings

I admit I’m not the biggest believer in all dream meanings because of the crazy dreams I can dream of at times. Last night was different.

I dreamed of being bit by a snake. I have only had a snake dream two other times in my life but I was never bit. The first two times were the same. I would be lying in the bed and the floor would be covered in snakes and I wouldn’t be able to escape. After a few seconds then my bed would be covered with snakes but still, I was never bit. I stopped having those dreams once I deleted those two people out of my life. This dream scared me the most. I was standing outside my house and I saw a long black snake slithering in my neighbors engine. I warned my neither and calmly they said well let’s wait until it slithers out. Well indeed it did but the snake slithered quickly into my home. I went into panic mode because my kids and significant other were in there sleep. I ran in and woke him up. He immediately found the snake grabbed it and continued to walk it out the door. I was sitting on the couch near the door. The snake turned its head and launched at me and bit me in the neck. I immediately woke up scared out of my mind because I haven’t had a snake dream on over 5 years and this one was completely different. What would you make of that dream?

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