Ramona Chapmon: Final Chapter

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It had been a week since Ramona opened the box full of pictures of her daughter Cassie.
She was tied to a bed wearing the same clothes her oldest daughter Cassandra was wearing when she was kidnapped. Ramona could not help but think that she was going to lose Cassie the same way she had lost Cassandra. Constant phone calls between Ramona, her ex-husband and the police were only making matters worse. No one knew anything that could help them find where Cassie was or if she was alive still. The only thing Ramona knew was the same sick person that killed her oldest daughter Cassandra has her little girl now. Ramona was a wreck, she barely ate anything since that day.

A loud knock at the door came from downstairs. Ramona just sighed heavily and placed her head under the covers. She could hear Racheal beating on the door and yelling for Ramona to let her inside the house. Racheal kept yelling repeatedly. Ramona knew she could not avoid her any longer but she was not ready to hear anything about Racheal and her problems. When Ramona heard her phone ring back to back she decided she had enough of Racheal. She threw the covers from over her and ran downstairs to her door. Ramona had tears running down her face when she finally got to the door and swung it open. Before she could start telling Racheal about herself she noticed Racheal had Ramona’s ex-husband, Joseph standing with her. Racheal
was crying and her ex-husband Joseph was standing there with a look of confusion and concern all over his face. Ramona moved to her left so they could go into the house.

Everyone walked into the living room. Ramona sat on her couch in front of Joseph and Racheal who were sitting in the chairs across from her. Racheal could barely hold herself up from crying and mumbling low. All Ramona could think about was they were only there to tell her the bad news about Cassie. The news that Cassie was dead just like Cassandra was killed. Ramona cleared her throat and forced words to come past the knot that had formed in her throat. “Is there any news on Cassie?” Ramona said in a shaky voice. She places her hand on her stomach because the feeling of what could come out of Racheal’s mouth was killing her. “Is my baby dead?” Ramona could barely say above a whisper. Racheal fell to the floor crying and screaming. “I swear I did not know
Ramona!” Racheal crawled to Ramona and held onto Ramon’s knee’s still crying. Ramona’s knees were shaking uncontrollably. She was confused and scared at the same time. She did not know what Racheal was talking about. Joseph came over to Racheal and picked her up to her feet. “Rachael, try and calm down and tell us why you wanted us both here.” Joseph held her arms and made Racheal look directly at him. After about ten more minutes of Racheal crying she sat  down next to Ramona and pulled out her phone. She started talking in a low voice. “After I left your house last week I started to do some digging.” Racheal continued talking as she got up to start pacing the floor back and forth. “Me and Norman always had our infidelities but not like this. He was happier like he had finally got the right woman. It was driving me up the wall feeling like he would finally leave me. Last week I went through his phone but could not find anything. Today I found a computer he hid in his desk in his office.” Racheal paused to look at
Ramona and started to tear up while she continued her story. “Ramona I swear to you I did not know anything and I wanted to let you know before anyone else.” Joseph hands bawled into a fist and spoke through his now clenched teeth. “Racheal what the fuck are you trying to say?” Racheal turned to Joseph and handed him her phone. “Here I sent everything to my phone.” Joseph grabbed the phone and thumbed through it until he froze and stopped moving. Anger flushed his face as he stared at the pictures in his phone. Suddenly like something came over him he dropped the phone and ran out the door.

Racheal dropped to the floor screaming that she swears she did not know. Ramona sat on the couch frozen as she starred at the same picture that was sent to her of her missing daughter Cassie. Ramona stood up and walked over to Racheal and calmly said, “So he did not find Cassandra, he put her there?” Racheal was too hysterical to
say anything but mumbled she was sorry and she did not know anything else.
Ramona sat in front of the interviewer looking down at the floor. She had been this way for a few minutes now and she could tell the reporter was getting irritated from the silence. The tapping of the pen was getting faster as the reporter started asking questions? “Well what happened when you and Rachael went to Nathan’s house?” The reporter scooted to the edge of his desk and continued, “Is this when you killed him?” Ramona stood up from her chair and rubbed her temples. She sighed and said, “I did not kill him. Nathan was already dead when we got there.” The reporter was writing on his notebook as he asked another question. “So, who killed him if Joseph was exonerated and Cassie was not in the actual house nor were her fingerprints? Ramona looked at the reporter. She was physically and emotionally tired of everything that had to do with that murderer. Ramona grabbed her purse that was sitting on the floor next to her and walked out. As far as her she was done with interviews.
When Ramona got home and walked into the living room. Racheal and Cassie were sitting on the sofa while Joseph was sleep on the chair in the corner. Ramona walked over to the TV and cut it off right before she sat down in the chair next to Joseph. She reached over to wake Joseph up and said, “It is time we finally have a talk about everything that happened.” Cassie sat up in the chair and explained to her parents how she escaped from the knots Nathan had her tied in while he was sleep next to her. She grabbed the gun that Nathan used to force her to have sex with him. He had kept it on the dresser that was at the end of the bed. Cassie shot Nathan twice in the face and dropped the gun on the floor. Joseph walked in seconds later and saw the results of what
happened and grabbed Cassie and ran out the house and put Cassie in the front seat of his car. Minutes later Ramona walks in with Rachael and instructs Racheal to drive Cassie home in her and Nathan’s car. Joseph helped Ramona clean off Cassie’s fingerprints from the gun. Ramona then grabbed the gun and shot Nathan once in the chest. Joseph drove home in Ramona’s car while Ramona pulled out her phone and called the police. She then sat next to the Nathan’s dead body and held a picture of Cassandra in her hand as she waited for police to get there.

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