Ramona Chapmon Pt. 2

A New Design - Made with PosterMyWallAs she sat there listening to Racheal rant about Nathan’s cheating, she could only think about Cassandra. The last thing she ever said to her baby was that if she left she better not come back. “Do you hear me?!” Racheal said sounding annoyed. She continued, “Did you hear me? He is cheating on me with some young bitch!” She stands up starts pacing around, “I mean it is one thing to cheat on me but to cheat on me with someone who is younger and probably even prettier!” Ramona was already getting tired of Racheal being there going on and on about her affairs with her husband. Before Racheal could say anything, Ramona cut her off, “Hey I got a few errands I need to run. Do you mind meeting up with me a little later?” Racheal looked at her with a sincere face, “Sweetie I am sorry. I am going on and on about what’s going on with me and didn’t even realize what today is.” Rachael walks over and hugs Ramona who is now sitting on the couch in tears. Racheal continues, “How about this, you call me when you are ready and we will go to her grave and put some fresh flowers on there?” Ramona just shakes her head while Racheal gives Ramona a kiss on her forehead and leave.
     Hours after Racheal leaves, Ramona decided to leave and run a few errands. She grabs her purse that was hanging on the hook in the hallway by the front door and she walks out the house. When she gets outside her cellphone rings and she answers. “Hello is this Ms. Chapmon?” the sound of a woman’s voice sounded through the phone? Ramona, acknowledge it was her and the woman continued, “This is Ms. Matthews. I am calling because Cassie was seen leaving the school today with some friends earlier. I just found out myself and decided to call you immediately.” Ramona sighed heavily and responded, “I’m sorry about the trouble. She is staying with her father for a few days but I will definitely give him a call and we will handle it.” Ramona finished listening to her daughter’s principle talk to her about how Cassie had been skipping school a lot over the past two weeks. Ramona could feel her blood boiling as she wondered where her daughter could be going and why was she skipping school. She got off the phone with the principle and started walking to her car. She noticed it was a box with a bow on top of the hood of her car. She walked over it to check if there was any tag but she knew who it was from. She pulled out her phone and called Joseph, her ex-husband.
     As soon as he picked up the phone she began, “Okay before I even start on the secret gifts on my car. I need to talk to you about your daughter?” Joseph replied, “What gift?” “Don’t what gift me. Now listen, your daughter apparently has been skipping school and I just got a call from her damn principle. So, you better talk to her and figure out who she hanging with before I get a hold of her.” Ramona could hear Joseph sigh before he replied, “Look she told me It was senior skip day today and I said she could leave the school.” Ramona looked at her phone and yelled, “For two weeks!” Joseph replied, “Calm down Ramona. I will talk to her. Now what gift are you talking about I did not send you a gift.” Ramona took a deep breath and smiled and started opening the gift while she replied, “Oh so you are going to tell me you did not drop this box off when you came by to,” Ramona stood there silent holding the box open. After a few minutes Joseph replied, “I don’t know what you are talking about Ramona. I did not send you anything. Ramona’s heart started beating fast. Tears started to form in her eyes and she could barely get the words out when she tried to respond to Joseph. “Get here now. Somebody has our baby.” Before Joseph could reply Ramona hung up and fell to her knees still holding the box in her hands. Tears started rolling down her face while she was looking at the pictures of Cassie tied up to a bed. She was wearing the same clothes Cassandra was wearing the day she disappeared 13 years ago.

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