The Case of the Missing Stripes


Hello my name is Detective Doug Blue

and boy do I have a case for you!

I ran into a friend who had gotten herself in such a bend

because her beautiful black stripes some how  went missing thru night

which gave her such a fright.

I told her I would start right away

and for her not to worry

she would have her stripes at the end of the day.

So I grabbed some friends of mine

that were there with her around the time of nine.

The three that were there was Jack, Jill, and billy

they are all three green and yellow stripped lions who can be kind of silly.

First, I asked Jack where he was at?

He said “over by the haystack flipping flap jacks.”

Then, I asked Jill who said, “over by the hill talking to will who was feeling kind of ill.”

Finally, it was Billy’s chance, he said, “NO WAY! I was on my way to the jungle dance,

when I passed Will by the hill who was looking kind of ill.

I asked Will why was he so ill?

He said he ate something quick which might had made him sick. He said he saw a snack

sitting on a black rack.

Since he had taken his last bite his tummy had not been feeling right.”

Detective Doug Blue said “That is the missing clue!”

Who would have known that Will the Eel would get ill from eating stripes in the night that didn’t make his tummy feel right.

So I guess that is another case closed for Detective Doug Blue who will ALWAYS solve a case for you.

Author: Marquis, Zaria and Kailyn

Thank you all for stopping by and reading my son and daughter’s first story. He is super excited about it and is excited to do more! 🙂




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