Ch 2

Mason Rayfield drove into his family town passing by, many buildings he use to play near when he was a little boy. This was the first time he was back in his hometown since he left for college. He only planned to stay for a few days to bury his father. Everything in the town looked the same as if the town was caught in a time capsule and not open by any new comers. The sun still rose above the town hall clock which was located between Jeanne’s s Diner and Mr. Henry’s hardware shop. Mr, Henry was Mason’s dad’s best friend. They were friends before he was born. Mason chuckled as he remembered the time Mr. Henry snatched him up by the collar when Mr. Henry found out that Mason was throwing mud pies at all the girls that walked by. Of course he did it a few more times but the last time he threw one landed on Calle Holloway and she picked one up and threw it right back at him. She was a fierce girl at the time. No one messed with her because of the curse her family put on the Rayfield’s many years ago. Mason’s mother use to tell the story all the time about how a Holloway woman who practiced dark magic cursed the men in the family. Who ever came near a Holloway woman would be cursed to die a slow death. Mason never believed in the curse. The fact that everyone else believed in the curse is the reason once Mason graduated school he left the town and rarely came back.

Mason finally pulls up to his family’s home. People where already in the house and were let in by the maid, Karen. Karen had cleaned for the Rayfields for over 20 years. She was like a second mother to Mason. Once Mason finally found a spot close enough to the house he got outside of the car and walked to the front door. Mason almost knocked on the door but he stopped. He couldn’t bare to go inside the house that no longer his father and mother live in. Suddenly a rush of emotions hit him hard in his stomach and he kneeled over and fell to the white rocking chair on the porch near the door. He buried hi face in his hands so the people walking in and out the house could not see his the tears falling down his face. His mother died a few years before Mason went off to college from lung cancer. When that happened Mason and his father Jacob grew apart. They were constantly arguing and could not agree over the simplest things. Once Mason left to go to college he decided it was better to stay away for a while.

The last time he saw his father they argued over Mason taking over the family company. Mason did not want to because he wanted to go to school in New York to become a journalist for the Post. His father felt the family business was run by only Rayfields and with him being the last one there was no reason for Mason not to take over the business. Someone walked by and put their hand on Mason’s shoulder before walking into the house. Mason wipes his tears and stands to go inside the house. When he turned to the door, Mr. Henry walked out the house, “You don’t want to go in there now.” Mr. Henry told Mason as sitting down in the rocking chair across from him and taking a sip of his whiskey he had in his coat pocket. Mr. Henry offers the flask to Mason who sits down and waves his hand not wanting to drink so early in the morning. Mr. Henry shrugs his shoulder, takes another sip and puts the flask back into his pocket. “I know you are tired of hearing this Mason. But I sure do wish your daddy was here.” Henry said with a slightly slurred voice. Mason could smell the alcohol on his breath and knew right then Mr. Henry had started drinking much earlier than now. Mason sighs heavily and responds, ” I’m sure you do really miss him but you know how stubborn daddy was. He didn’t like anyone crying over him.” “Oh you think I am crying over him dying?” Mr. Henry says while rocking in the rocking chair. He slaps his knee and starts to laugh while continuing. “That old fool owe me $20.” Mr. Henry points to a woman wearing a huge black hat to the funeral. She was gathered around most of the guests crying and saying how much she missed Jacob. “What did you two bet on this time?” Mason says while forcing a smile. “I bet your daddy that if he ever died that woman would make sure all the attention is on her.” Mr. Mason says while pulling out his flask from his coat pocket and taking another sip. Mason looked over to Mrs. Caldwell who was still crying and telling stories about his dad.

Mrs. Caldwell took over her husbands Pharmacy store when he passed away. She always had a crush on Mason’s dad and made it publicly known every time she saw him. Jacob always turned her down and said the he only loved one woman and after she died he would not date another woman let alone entertain Mrs. Caldwell. Jacob use to always tell Mason when he was younger that he did not trust Mrs. Caldwell because she had not history and a woman with no history could not be trusted. Mason did not understand what his father meant all those years and just felt like it was one of his “genius” made up quotes. Mrs. Caldwell catches Mason looking towards her direction and starts waving. Mason waves slowly not wanting her to come his way. He quickly turns around and looks at Mr. Henry who was straightening himself out. “Great here comes the devil.” Mr Henry complains while putting the flask back into his coat pocket. Mrs. Caldwell kept walking towards them quickly while letting everyone know there was still food left in the kitchen if anyone was hungry. She finally reaches the porch and stands in front of Mr. Henry who was trying not to look at her. Mrs. Caldwell clears her throat and crosses her arm and starts to tap her foot towards Mr. Henry. “Sure, Mrs. Caldwell you can take my seat.” Henry responds while standing up and allowing Mrs. Caldwell to sit. “It is nice to know we still have nice gentlemen in this era.” Mrs. Caldwell responds snarly while adjusting her hat and sitting down in the chair. Mrs. Caldwell perfume had reached Mason and it was so strong it made him cough loudly. Mrs Caldwell hands him a tissue from her clutch.”I hope that is not a sign you are getting sick Mason Rayfield. You know that is how it started with your father.” Mrs. Caldwell responded while closing her clutch. “Excuse me?” Mason looked towards Mr. Henry for an explanation. Mrs. Caldwell continued, “Now you know exactly what that means. Your poor father had gotten himself sick around the same time he was messing around with that Holloway woman. She got them both killed.”- Mrs. Caldwell straightens her skirt-“I mean it was obvious it was going to happen. Her and your father being together and all of a sudden they both die in the car together. Sounds like a curse to me.” Mason sits up from his chair. He felt like all his energy left his body at once. He knew his father had died in a car accident but he did not know that Calle’s mom was in there as well. Mason wondered why no one mentioned that to him before. Mr Henry puts his hand on Mason’s shoulder and breaks the short silence. “Look, boy I didn’t tell you because I did not want you stressed out about some old make-believe curse. It was just an accident. They were not seeing each other. They were making plans on opening up a new store or something on some new land your daddy and her found and” “You mean my land that they stole.”- Mrs. Caldwell says loudly as she stands up and starts to walk back into the house. “I tell you Mason Rayfield, you better stay away from that Calle girl she is nothing but trouble and next thing you know, we will be at your funeral next.” Mrs Caldwell closes the door behind her and starts talking to a few people in the living room. Mason still sat in silence just thinking about Calle and how what she must have been going through.

Calle was not just an old friend she was his first love. At first she could not stand Mason because he ruined her new dress by throwing mud all over it. After a while they grew on each other and dated but kept it from many people because of the curse that her ancestors put on the Rayfields many years ago. Mason and Calle both did not believe in the curse but many people in the town did, especially Mrs. Caldwell. She never did like the Holloway’s, she even tried to sue Calle’s mother for making her sick from one of her herbal teas she sell at her diner. The suit I guess never was filed because the diner is still up and running. Mason rubs his temple slowly as he gets up to walk off of his porch. No one even bothered to tell him that Calle’s mom died in the same car as his dad. It was up to him to check on her. The only thing he was worried about was that he had not talked to Calle in over 10 years.

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