Rayfield Manor

Adel watched as her sister Naomi and niece packed their clothes quickly. They had to hurry and leave before the angry mob came and took Adel for murder. “Adel you can still come with us! Get your sack. I’m not leaving you for those white men!” Naomi said while grabbing her sister by the hands and kneeling in front of her. Adel could not see Naomi’s face but could feel her tears running down her hands. The sister sat in silence for a few minutes. The only thing anyone could hear was Adel’s niece going back and forth in the room. She was looking for her doll that her Aunt Adel had given her as a gift earlier that day. She finally found it in under the bed. Adel’s niece quickly snatched it and ran to put it in her sack. She tied up the sack just like her uncle showed her a few days earlier. She was a fast learner. As soon as she was finished she walked over to her mother Naomi and placed a hand on her shoulder and said, “Mama we have to go. I can hear them commin.” Naomi said a let out a loud wail and started to cry harder. Adel pulled Naomi’s hands close to her face and kissed her them. She then pulled Naomi up and they gave each other a long hug.

Adel could feel the tears running down her face. Adel could feel her niece grabbing onto her leg. Adel let go of her sister and bent down to kiss her niece on the forehead. “You make sure you mind your mama girl.” Adel said while tears started to formĀ in her eyes. The little girl nodded and Naomi grabbed her daughter by the hand and they opened the secret flap under the carpet in the cabin. The flap was cut out a few days earlier when everything had started. Adel had to get her sister and niece out of harms way but she knew if she would have escaped too they would never be safe. Adel watched as they crawled into the hole under the cabin. Naomi glanced once more at her sister and disappeared. Adel closed the hole and replaced the rug on top. She grabbed a nearby wooden chair and sat on top of the door to the hole in the floor. She looked around her small one bedroom cabin and smiled.

The cabin was built for her a year ago and it was small but it was hers. When you first walked into the cabin you could see everything. Adel put a curtain between the room and the kitchen so there could be a little privacy in the cabin. Her bed had a quilt that was given to her by her mother. It had been in the family for years and it was supposed to be passed down to her own children. Adel walked over to the quilt and looked over it. She could see where she had started to sew her nieces name but never got to finish before everything started. Adel could feel sadness going through her.Reality was settling in that she was never going to see her family again. She was never going to see another daylight, because the day was the day she was going to be to hanged for murder. Adel could hear the men getting closer to her cabin. She walked back over to her chair and looked towards the carved out window. She could see the lights from the flames the men were carrying on sticks. The closer the men got to her cabin the calmer she became. Once they were in front of her home. She could hear them yelling for her to come out or they were going to burn her alive inside the cabin. Adel took a deep breath and walked towards her front door. She took one last look around her home and walked outside closing the door behind her.

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