Positive Thoughts

Birthday’s, holiday’s, sports, dates, family vacations, family reunions, dinners, chores, sibling rivalries, stress, anxiety, depression. Having a family is the best thing that has happened to me. When I was younger I always said that I wanted to have a big family. All of the birthday parties, holidays, just wonderful memories. But no one talks about the dark side. The side that some people are too embarrassed to tell anyone. The “Am I good enough?”, “Am I a good parent?”, and “Did I let myself go?” Going through emotions like these does not make you a bad person. It makes you human and me being a human being, I understand. I personally have been through feelings of doubt of being a “good mother.” But I am choosing not to allow those bad thoughts to define how I live my days. I can say out loud now that I know I let my self “GGOOO” I use to wake up in the morning and make sure my “face” is done clothes are on and not have every wrinkle known to man on it. Instead of getting up and “waking up like dis” I chose to make excuses. Soon those excuses became the norm to where I didn’t have to make an excuse I just woke up and “bam” I am ready for my day. Wrinkled jeans and all. I read in a book about how you dress is how you feel. I know not literally is how I would feel but it is a huge start. My point is start off by taking care of ourselves. We as parents think all the time, “kids. kids. kids.” Well we need to also think “me. me. me.” How can I do the best for my children when I barely take care of myself. So I’m starting my own challenge and encourage anyone going through the same thing “Letting them selves go.” to find themselves again. I love when I actually find the energy to do my hair and my children are so shocked they are literally like, “Wow! Mom your hair is done!” It makes me feel good to hear that even when it is coming from my 6 year old. So instead of saying I will start Monday (Like I do with every diet I want to begin and go on a food binge.) I will start first thing in the morning. (Pinky Promise.) I  refuse to allow negativity to control my life.

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