What a Monday


My Monday’s can go 2 different ways.

  1. Not another Monday! We just had one last week!
  2. Here is another week to do something positive.

Now I usually go through the first one every Monday before I get my coffee then I start to work on the feelings for number 2. This week my focus is to edit and rewrite if needed, my first draft for the first few chapters to my paranormal mystery book, Rayfield Manor: The Holloway Curse. I am really excited int he direction it is going. Here is a little taste of one of the chapters.

Summary: A bit of a Romeo and Juliet if you want to add a curse,  journals from their past ancestors, murder and of course ghosts. Calle Holloway and Mason Rayfield who’s family are cursed have to find  way to break the curse before it is too late and the ghosts that haunts them murder their daughter.

Journal entry from the past:

Adel could feel sadness going through her.Reality was settling in that she was never going to see her family again. She was never going to see another daylight, because the day was the day she was going to be to hanged for murder. Adel could hear the men getting closer to her cabin. She walked back over to her chair and looked towards the carved out window. She could see the lights from the flames the men were carrying on sticks. The closer the men got to her cabin the calmer she became. Once they were in front of her home. She could hear them yelling for her to come out or they were going to burn her alive inside the cabin. Adel took a deep breath and walked towards her front door. She took one last look around her home and walked outside closing the door behind her.



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