Nature Trails..trees…animals…freaking spiders!

I love when Autumn arrives and the trees starts to turn red and orange. It is my favorite time of the year. (Spring too.) There is a place near where I live and they have a great Nature trail you and your family can walk around. Everything was beautiful every few minutes they even had a walkway that had a display of even more animals in glass such as: snakes lizards and other reptiles. The only thing that got me was the huge spiders…not in a glass case but the ones that were literally above our heads. Of course it is nature..not like I was at home and saw one and could easily scream for my partner to come kill it. So the first few we looked past then the longer we were walking the more spiders we saw. It had even gotten to the point we had to duck because the spider web was so big and wide across the trail. And if my partner had to duck that means the web was pretty low. Even with the scare of the spiders (I am really scared of spiders…If I see one I will walk in the other direction.) I loved the walk. The great thing is that this place did not only have a nature trail it also had a playground, and historic buildings that you and your family could walk through. It was a place that I would love to go to again and again.

Landmark Park

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