Does your child have a phone?

One year my daughter came to me and said, “Mom I am 5 years old now and I want a phone for my birthday.” It threw me off because this is the same little girls who also asked for a doll house. HUGE difference. I personally do not have a problem with children having phones BUT I know mine are not ready. They are also mainly with me or at school so I honestly don’t see the need. My oldest son I do allow him from time to time to have a phone when he wants to walk over to his cousin’s neighborhood. Although it is the next street over I make him call when he is over there and call when he is on the way back.

When my son first started going to school there was a little kid who rode the bus. Whenever all the kids got off the bus the little boy would take his cell phone out of his book bag and literally talk to his mom (I assume) all the way to his house. (Which was literally next door to mine.) I thought that was a safe way to make sure he gets home. Because you never know the situation that could happen. The only reason I do not allow my children to have phones is because to me it is another piece of technology that they can ignore everything around them with. I have had to make the rule of “No using electronics while walking.” because if I allowed them to do so. We would be walking across the parking lot while their eyes would be glued to their phones instead of making sure they don’t get hit by a car passing by. So as of right now they don’t have cellphones but as they get older an start going out more with their friends then I don’t see the harm in having one then.


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