They was not gon’ get her Popsicle!

When raising a household of 4 girls and one boy there will be A LOT of different personalities flowing. I feel for the only 2 males in our house. I have a house full of princesses, bosses and yes even sometimes zombie princesses.  They have a lot of fun together and yes a lot of times their personalities clash. They tend to do that when you have that many different personalities seeing each other all the time. Within the time it takes to fill your glass full of water and get to the freezer to add ice. Your house could have gone from nice play time to literally WWE when it comes to my fantastic 4. They all have their moments where they want to share and play together then something clicks and say “Woah! Woah! I am being way to nice to my sister right now!” I love it though. As long as it is healthy and of course there are no trips to the er or to mommy saying “My sister hit me.” 30 times, then we are all good.

Here is a video to show an example of just ONE of my girls personalities. 🙂   “They was not gon’ get her Popsicle!”

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