Super Woman is Dead in this Home

I am not only a mother. I am a partner, I work and do school. Not to mention making sure the house is clean and of course little ones are taken care of. I used to think I can do all of this by myself because I am a mother and all mothers are the ultimate, “Super Woman.” Well what is say to that is, “Super woman is dead in this household.” Well at least the generic I can do it all on my own” aspect of it. I love my life and I also love myself enough to know when it was time to get help. I noticed when one day after finishing cleaning the entire house for a 3rd time and realizing I needed to choose to relax and get “booed up,” do homework or cook. When I first had my children, I did not allow them to do anything except clean their rooms (and they barely did that lol) because I felt that it was my responsibility. I was not realizing that I was not teaching them what they needed to learn the most at that age (besides the essentials.) and that was in deed responsibility. I slowly started to have the children chime in with cleaning other parts of the house. Each week I have them cleaning a certain part of the house then they switch the following week. Of course, me being a control freak when it comes to cleaning I am still standing in the middle of the house walking back in forth making sure everything is done.

As a parent I wish I could say “Wow everything is a lot easier now.” It is not. Not because my children cannot do anything because me as a parent. I am not acting the words that would come out of my mouth. I would say hey this is what I need you to help clean today then 10 minutes later I am being bombarded by the cutest stories of the day. Then, however long it would have taken me to clean the house now is taking us the entire day and I am still ending the day just as exhausted as if I was doing it myself.

It was brought to my attention that I was the “soft” parent. I had to start “putting my foot down.” Or daddy had to put his down (I am still in soft parent training lol) The children love TV and playing outside. I literally had to put the rule of no play or tv time unless they are finished cleaning. It felt great for once to wake up to a kitchen and walk to my living room without stepping on a Lego that was supposed to be 2 doors down the hallway.

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