To Cook or Not to Cook?

When my children were in school, (they of course are out for the summer right now.) they joined clubs. Each club was a different theme. My son picked board games and checkers and my daughter picked cooking. It threw me off with my daughter picking the cooking club because at the time she had not shown interest in helping me cook anything. (But she did at times grade my cooking harsher than Gordon Ramsay.) I did not discourage her from taking the class but I did start including her while making dinner plans and allowing her to help out. Last night her and my son actually helped me make Quesadilla’s. It was my first time making them from scratch so I decided to let them help me. It came out great I must say so myself. But here are a list of recipes you and your little ones can try out.

You can search the recipes and either follow them step by step or create your own personal twist.



images (1)


Mac and Cheese


Spaghetti and Meatball


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