Light Black?

Have you ever sat and listened to a conversation between your children? They are a lot smarter than you give them credit for. For example:

Zaria: KK we are twins because we both have skirts.

KK: And because we both have black skin.

(Zaria walks over to me.)

Zaria: Mommy is my twin because she looks just like me but she is light black.

Me: Zaria baby what is light black?

Zaria: You are black but you are light black.

Me: Yes Zaria I am light skin but I am still black.

Zaria: Oh well you are light skin mama. (She walks off and starts to talk to her sister about “Light black”)

Marquis who was in the kitchen interrupts them:

Marquis: Zaria, yes mama is light skin but we do not judge people from the color of their skin. You did not mean to but we don’t judge people like that.

I was so shocked by the comment I and I actually stopped working to take a quick glance towards him. My son allowed me to have a proud mommy moment this morning. 🙂

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