Basketball? Football?…..Microscope?!

When I first found out I was having a boy I was super excited because the first thing I thought of was all the cool times I was going to be able to wear a Jersey and watch him play football or basketball or even soccer. That did not happen in my case. I first realized my son was Leonard or maybe even Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory show when I was sitting down watching a basketball game and he literally explain every logic detail of the game down to how many minutes are left and how many minutes would be left including the commercials if there were extra 30 seconds of each commercial. I realized then that I’d have to put away the Jersey thoughts and bring out the debate Club outfits. Trust and believe I do love my son, he lights up my world with all the things he likes to come to me and talk about including volcanoes in Hawaii tornadoes that may happen and what type of tornado it is and all types of mathematical equations. I still have a sliver of hope that one day he might actually play sports but as of now we’re going to stick with the Big Bang Theory.

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