Would you allow your child to be a Youtubber?

For starters I must say that YouTube has taken over my household. I swear my children prefer YouTube over actual cartoons. There is a cute YouTube channel they watch called Chase’s Corner   that I believe to be really cute and aged appropriate for children to watch. I have seen so many from that channel that their family is practically our family. Yesterday, my son asked me if he can start a YouTube channel. At first I wanted to yell out, “Um No!” But I had to sit and think why No? He is getting to the age where he wants to branch out and try things. Of course there will be serious restrictions and I will look into every video before posting. I am still sort of on the fence of allowing him to because let’s be honest there are still some pervs out there in the world.

Me and him had a long talk about what to post and what not to post as well as some people might not like his videos and he has to look past that…..I think I more so had that talk to myself and to prepare myself for potentially seeing comments and to remind myself to behave. I let him know to think about it for a few days and come up with some ideas that he wants to do then we will go from there.

If your child ask, would you allow them to have a YouTube blog?

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