Sibling Rivalry

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As soon as I could not see the tail lights of my mothers car. It was on like Donkey Kong! (I know I know. I am a 90’s baby)  We use to fuss and fight like we could not stand each other. I remember one time I had a friend over and lets just say by the time my mother came home we had to explain why we had Clorox all over the house and her brand new speakers and why my brother had us locked in the bathroom for hours. My point is after a few punishments by my mother me and my brother learned not to fight….or atleast let my mother know we fought. Of course we continued to fight but we got smarter no matter how upset we were we knew once we saw those headlights all the hair pulling and skin pinching stopped immediately and the fight was officially over.  The good thing with me and my sister we got into a fight once and boy let me tell you it was a tough fight….and it was all over a tickle me pink crayon that I snatched from her because she was taking too long. Don’t get me wrong I love my siblings and will always love them. We will go to battle for each other if someone messes with the other. One year while in school I found out my sister wanted to switch tables because of some drama between a former friend. NOPE was not having that. I made sure I went to her lunch and made it quite clear that she was not switching tables. I also made it quite clear that my sister was sharing her lunch with me that day as well but that is another story.

Sibling rivalry comes with the territory. We as parents have to understand that more children equals different personalities. Some might just clash. But we have to make sure that they know that it  does not go further than just simple sibling rivalry. If you see it is more then it is time to reevaluate the situation. One thing my mother always told us…after we got in trouble for fussing at each other is that we never fuss and fought outside of the home because it would show people we were not a unit. Of course when I was younger I was like “Okay Ma..sssuurrreee!” Now that I have my own children I understand. I really understood when my oldest daughter had a friend that kept being mean to one of her sisters. I had to have a talk with her and let her know that is not a friend. A friend is not going to act the way the particular girl was acting.

I have 5 children so that means that their is 5 different personalities. My 8 month old is even showing her open personality. So yes there are plenty of times where their personalities clash……about 80% of the day. I tend to let them work it out on their own. When they come to me I let them know right from the start that if I get involved anything they are fighting over will get taken away so after so many toys were being taken away during play time…it looks like they are slowly starting to get my point of solving it themselves. I do go for the fact kids will be kids and as long as their are no danger or red flags then I allow them to have their sibling arguments. They have to be able to look back on those memories and laugh about it. I mean how else will they get stories of being locked in the bathroom for hours by your little brother.

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