What Causes School Shootings?

     When I was younger and still in school to be honest school shootings didn’t really affect me. I would hear about them and not really be affected because I was not in that situation or my family was not the in the situation. Don’t get me wrong I was sad because no one should ever be scared to go to school. It did not REALLY affect me until after I had my own son and the Sandy Hook tragedy struck. I was ready to pull him out of school and I was over 500 miles away from the incident. Now it feels like every time I turn on the news another school shooting happens. This has become the new norm and that is not okay. What causes someone to get to the point where they would want to take any and everyone’s lives?

    I hear so many reasons why these people would want to even be involved in such a tragedy. The reasons go from being bullied, mental health issues, the parents fault. When do we stand up and put an end to this. I hear solutions such as stop children from bullying, to have people notice the signs of mental health as well as locking the parents up for these kinds of incidents. I have even heard as far as there trying to get a law to allow teachers to carry concealed weapons. Which I personally think it is a horrible idea. With some of the teachers I had during my school days I wouldn’t trust them with a ruler let alone a weapon that could take my life.

     Lets look into bullying and mental health. In my case and in other cases they go hand in hand. Kids have been bullied since my parents and grandparents were in school. Now to start off no I do not believe even if the person was bullied that they should get a pass to shoot up the school. Either way bullied or not you do not take the life away from a person. I know when I was in school and being bullied my teacher literally told me to “Stop crying and go back to my seat.” It got so bad that I even had a physical mishap happen to my face where the entire left side of my face was paralyzed. I couldn’t taste or even close my left eye for weeks. I did not want to go to school anymore. I eventually got help and was surrounded by friends to help me get through it. The good thing I did not let that anger build up inside of me to where I wanted to hurt someone. But what about the other kids who are bullied and tortured through schools everyday to where they don’t have a  care in the world for someone’s life.  What if that student had a teacher they could go to and that teacher was the same type of person I had to endure throughout the entire school. They had no one to talk to and they felt alone. Once again I am not siding with bullying being an okay reason to shoot a school or any place at that matter but for everyone that is screaming that bullying has to stop, What are you doing to help it go away? The world is only becoming more advanced in technology and with that opens up the door for more chances for people to get bullied even outside of school. So it is not one of those, “Oh they need to grow a back bone.” Bullying does not just stop at the school anymore it follows them home. So once again what are we doing to stop it?

Locking parent’s up is an idea I am sort of on the fence with. Yes we are responsible for the well being of our  children and we as parents should make sure our children stay out of trouble. If that was the case then we would have a world full of piece and harmony. But it is not. You can teach your children everything right and they can still go out and do so much wrong. At the end of the day we have to make sure we at least did our part in teaching them right and wrong and pray that when they go out in public they keep those values and morals we taught them. For example anyone who knows my son, knows how proper he is. It is actually funny because I hear all kinds of names for grandparents like, Mema or GiGi but my son will say something like, “Mom can I call my grandmother.” For years he would would not have a nickname for her. One day I surprised him in school and everyone he met he was giving them high fives saying, “Wassup man.” and “Catch you later.” I thought it was the funniest thing because I was like well maybe he really is my son. No he did not shoot up a school or anything but as you can see children will act differently in front of you than in front of their friends or public surroundings. So how can we hold the parents 100% accountable for a school shooting. In incidents where we see the parent has a negative influence on the child or in some cases where the parents had the weapon near the child for easy access then yes the parents need to be fully accountable for their actions because at the end of the day I feel like they helped with the school shooting just as much as the child that pulled the trigger.

Finally the one solution I absolutely do not agree with is giving teachers concealed weapons. Like mentioned earlier I had a teacher who did not even help when I was being bullied in school. Why would I trust my life with someone like that particular teacher. There are better ways in my opinion that could help with a school shooting. I see many different technology that people are coming with that locks down classroom doors and windows so an active shooter would not be able to get in. I think technology like that should be placed on classroom and bathroom doors. Even janitor closets. I would trust that before I allow my child to go to school with a teacher with a gun.

When it comes to school shootings with it being a new day and age the shootings should be decreasing not increasing. We need to get together and come up with a solution and stop allowing the death toll with school shootings increase weekly.




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