“Mommy I have to POOP!”

Ever go out in public with your children? It is like they wait until we are stuck in a long line with at least three people in front of you and they yell, “I have to poop!” You can’t act like they you didn’t hear them because there is always that ONE person near saying, “Awe the little one has to go to the potty.” So now not only do you have to leave the line but you have to figure out how you are going to take them to the bathroom while making sure your cart is not being taken away by a cart attendant who thinks you fully stocked cart is abandoned. It took a while but I learned my lesson. My minions know if I say we are going somewhere they better line up to that bathroom. But what if we are going on a long trip? I can say now that I do not make individual stops. I make sure they are fed and had something to drink before we get on the road. Even then I wait 30 minutes to make sure they have time to go to the bathroom before we go. I have a rule. I split the time I have to drive in half and always find a stopping point at the half way mark where we can fill up and do bathroom breaks. Usually throughout the ride I have the children with tablets where they can listen to their own music and movies. Once we get to our final destination I even reward them for doing a great job…meaning they did not tear each others heads off or cry and yell about one touching the other. Trust it happens. I had one of my girls crying her head off and when I asked what was wrong she said her sister was touching her. So yes at times just being in the car I have to make sure I have a “battle plan.” because if not you could end up with a 4 hour drive turning into a 5 to 6 hour drive making extra “I have to poop” stops.


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